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An open-platform, collaborative design consultancy that intends to bridge the gap between discovery and execution of an idea. Any idea!
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An open platform for idea design and execution

We work with entrepreneurs and companies to quickly and efficiently realize their ideas, using a collaborative approach.


Ideas Platform

Product & Service Design

Usability Redesign

Mobile Apps

Responsive Websites

Brand Design


Design & Discovery

We enable the discovery and nurturing of ideas through collaboration and co-creation.


User Experience

We follow a user-centric approach to the design and development of products and services.


User Interface Design

We create interactive and engaging content using client side programs such as HTML5, CSS3  and JavaScript.


Website Design

We build powerful and scalable websites using open-source content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


Ecommerce Solutions

We make efficient use of platforms such as Shopify, Wix and Weebly to turn around quick, customized eCommerce websites.


Brand Design

We help you build your brand across multiple media, from print requirements and brand collateral to serious artwork.


Film & Animation

We partner with CG specialists, animators and documentary film makers, to give you cross-disciplinary solutions.



Co-founder / UX Designer

Gautam Rao

A technologist and trendcaster, Gautam is a UX guy with a flair for simplicity in design. With varied interests like music, travel and photography, Gautam likes to take ideas to their lucid goals.

Co-founder / Business Strategy

Ranga Nathan

An MBA from University of Oxford, Ranga is a data-driven story teller and strategist. An avid quizzer and cruciverbalist, Ranga has a natural tendency to develop and process ideas in logical ways.

Mentor / Technology Consulting & Open Source Evangelist

Priyapravas Avasthi

Our mentor and friend, PP has immense knowledge of his industry and has constantly proved to be the go-to guy. With experience of over 17 years, PP brings to the table, a technological edge.

Associate Expert / Animator & CG Generalist

Chaitanya Krishnan

Chaitanya is a designer and digital illustrator, having worked as a web and game designer in the past. He now works as a CG Generalist and 3D/2D animator. Besides tinkering with 3-D printers, Chaitanya likes to spend quality time with his pet dogs.

Associate Expert / Interaction Designer

Narayan Gopalan

Narayan is a digital experience guru with a bottomless appetite for new ideas. He has worked with well known tech firms and cool startups, now focusing on long-term engagements with clients. An avid traveler, Narayan is also an amateur drone pilot!

Associate Expert / Illustrator & Writer

Vinayak Varma

Vinayak is that multifaceted guy, innately capable of creating stunningly original artwork, managing a science magazine, writing for national newspapers, and still remaining down-to-earth! Vinayak primarily works with mid/large sized companies, spending his spare time writing to publish.

get social

Whether you’re a potential client, a professional who wants to collaborate, or you simply have a great idea to share, we would love to talk and get to know you.


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