MOBILE APPLICATION UX AND UI DESIGN (interactive prototype) for

Social Shopper, as the name suggests, is a socially connected personal shopping mobile application, spanning the online as well as offline shopping domains.


Design sprint, information architecture, wireframing, interactive prototyping, user-testing, mobile UX.


Buy everywhere

Social Shopper, an in-house pilot application, was conceived and designed to allow the user to buy any product anywhere, online or offline, based on best available price, and/or user’s current location (offline option).


Social shopping means sharing your wishlist with friends to find the best deals. The app was designed to geo-locate connected friends, out shopping, enabling users to co-ordinate their buying experiences.

Sale on demand

In addition to being social, the idea allowed Amazon to offer reduced prices on popular products, in real-time, based on other available (comparable) online seller prices. An aggressive edge in an aggressive domain.